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Generators series

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Patented Heat Pipe Direct Contact Technology (HDT): Removes any hotspots on the CPU to increase cooling efficiency.


Cooling and silent use

Four designs

High-performance thermal paint : to enhance the cooling efficiency, and has the characteristics of anti-oxidation protection radiator.
Patented Vortex Generator : Improves air convection in the seamless area behind the fins on the ducts.
Patented chimney effect: Accelerates the heat exchange efficiency of fins.
Vacuum Effect : The air duct design introduces outside air and increases wind flow.

More three-dimensional cooling area

Not only has the area of single-chip

fins increased, At the same time, the number of fins has also increased to 52. Design introduces outside air and increases wind flow

Patented HDT design and four O6mm catheters


Copper heat sink

Heat pipe zero-distance contact, smooth bottom
The heat generated by the CPU will be conducted around the first time.

High-performance thermal paint (TCC)

Patented circular LED light

Patented circular LED light type with 12 high-brightness LEDs for cool visual effects.

Double wind blowing performance

Dual fan superimposed design provides fast airflow and high thermal conductivity compared to highly radiating fins

1. Using the radiator industry high quality pure copper tube
2. Adopt TP2 type 99.% solution pure copper tube +6063 aviation copper aluminum heat sink

Copper and aluminum products texture analysis

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