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Some Tips to protect car engine radiator

First, the cooling system oxide rust or furring of the cooling liquid circulation is blocked;
Automotive cooling system problem which can cause the engine is warm it?
First, the cooling system oxide rust or furring of the cooling liquid circulation is blocked;
Second, the radiator surface is dirty, with oil and other debris, the radiator heat is not normal, oil and debris reaches a certain thickness, when as in the surface of the radiator is covered with a layer of insulation to be, not only the heat, but play a role in insulation;
Third, the mechanical failure of the cooling system (fan angle is wrong, loose fan belt, coolant leaks, damaged water pump, oil cooling nozzle damaged Thermostat damage, etc.).
How to solve the problem caused by the high temperature of the engine above it? Below me in the maintenance technical management for several years, practices deal with the failure to elaborate on the problem, to explore with you:
First, we must first understand the automotive cooling system after oxidation rust or furring, coolant circulation is blocked fault what form. I think it was the driver can not correctly use coolant caused many drivers as winter can be used antifreeze, but the spring and summer and autumn, when many drivers are not added to reduce the coolant antifreeze, but the water , or even all of the cooling water system. By circulating water in the cooling system (water is composed of hydrogen and oxygen atoms), and the inner wall of the cooling system will lead to oxidation and rust, the water there are a lot of minerals in the engine operating temperature is continuously raised or lowered to produce scale. Rust and scale thickening of the inner wall of the cooling system thermal performance deterioration of the cooling liquid circulation is blocked.
Recommends that drivers of long-term use in line with national standards of antifreeze, as the main component of antifreeze is from ethanol, glycerin, additives, does not make the cooling system inside wall oxidation and rust, it will not have a scale, and Antifreeze additive also has the role of rust and remove scale. The best way to replace the first two years, to maintain as good as new cooling system, the cooling system is to solve the inner wall thickening, thermal performance deterioration, the use of coolant circulation is blocked.
Then the cooling system of the vehicle has been used for water as coolant how to do it? Recommendation for a period of one year, to remove the radiator, then remove the water up and down the room, with a cleaning rod through the radiator to rust and scale on the inner wall to the inner wall as new, normal cycle.
Second, the radiator surface dirt, grease and other debris deposited there, the driver is the most easily overlooked, because the metal surface of the radiator cooling performance of the cleaner the better, otherwise the cooling performance worse.
Recommend regular cleaning mezzanine driver radiator and intercooler surface, making the surface clean as new, keep the engine at a suitable temperature under any operating condition.
Third, do the routine maintenance of the vehicle, carefully check the mechanical components of the cooling system, such as the angle of the fan, the fan belt tension, the pump is functioning properly, radiators and pipes for leaks, engine oil cooling nozzle if damaged. To do regular maintenance, they can not usually check the items to the designated repair shop for a professional inspection, must not drag, drag small problems into big fault not only increase the cost of the repair, but also affect the normal operation of the vehicle.
As long as the majority of drivers as described above regular maintenance, inspections, ensure that the engine will be able to maintain a suitable temperature in any operation state, effectively avoid high ambient temperature, engine temperature caused by heat is not good, avoid pulling cylinders, hold tile , up cylinder, pound cylinders, pistons and other top hit locomotive accident.