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How occasion of the turn of the summer car maintenance

Turn of the summer, the weather gradually cools. Maintenance car owners should start with antifreeze.
Turn of the summer, the weather gradually cools. Maintenance car owners should start with antifreeze. In summer, many owners like to use tap water instead of antifreeze, after the beginning of autumn, the temperature dropped, the temperature difference between morning and evening, it is likely to affect the normal operation of the car cooling system, so the owner should promptly put antifreeze into the water. In particular need to be reminded, antifreeze replacement cycle is two years, before replacing antifreeze, do not forget to clean the engine cooling system.
Autumn car battery electrode wiring to the most error-prone areas. Check, if the electrode wiring found at the green oxide, must use boiled water to wash away. These oxides can cause generator green power is low, so that the battery is in a state of loss of electricity, it can also cause severe battery scrap, or could not beat the car.
Air conditioning in summer are in high-load operation, and more rain in summer, the car will often take some wading pavement, resulting in the lower part of the Air Conditioning Condenser contaminated sediment on many, over time, it will take place the condenser corrosion, thereby reducing air conditioning life. Therefore, we should do a thorough maintenance of air conditioning into the fall. Also, pay attention and fan heaters pipeline maintenance. Cooler autumn weather, frost occurs when the temperature is low, in this season, should pay special attention to the windshield defroster vents under normal wind, the heat is enough, if there is a problem, to be solved in time, otherwise, will driving bring insecurity.
Also pay attention to tire maintenance fall. Summer heat, to prevent puncture the tire pressure is too high, should always check the tire pressure, and when the temperature drops fall will have added pressure to keep it at a predetermined pressure range. At the same time, you should also check the tire scratches, because the rubber in the fall and winter season is easy to harden, easy to leak or tire punctures. Autumn and winter rain and snow will increase, the surface can be slippery, and the tires of the requirements have been increased, this time to check the tire tread wear, and if the tire tread depth less than 1.6mm, to be replaced with new tires. Patched want to change a tire to the rear wheel, and tire repair more than three times should be replaced.
When the transition to summer and autumn, the vehicle exterior and interior maintenance worthy of attention. More dew fall morning, the car is easy to damp surfaces. If the surface of the car has obvious scratches, paint treatment should be done in time, so as not to scratch the site from moisture and corrosion. Further, since the summer rain acid rain corrosion and summer strong direct light, car paint will inevitably be oxidized, it is best to do a season when the cleaning, polishing and waxing the car to the surface, sealing the glaze or coating beauty conservation . In the interior, due to the summer heat, rain, car carpet, flooring and other shelter to breed a lot of bacteria, with the advent of autumn, the window is no longer always open, the air inside the cabin becomes turbid on likely to cause harm to human health, therefore, in the season season, it is necessary for your car to do a thorough cleaning and disinfection of the interior. When do maintenance, the best professional upholstery cleaning agent with high-temperature sauna machine, so not only can remove the dirt inside the car, smell, while effectively kill bacteria, cleared, and then the protective agent against the interior care.